Partner will not listen

question clip artQuestion:  My partner always complains that I’m long winded, taking too long to put my point across, and he just stops listening to me after a very short time or interrupts me before I’ve said everything I want to say.  What sign in his hands is likely to reveal this?

Answer:  There is a strong chance that your partner has much shorter fingers than you!  Short fingered people tend to sum up situations very quickly and can become impatient with what they consider to be minor details.  This is likely to be even more noticeable if he also has cone shaped or pointed fingertips.

Don’t be upset by this or believe that he isn’t interested in what you have to say.  Short fingered people really don’t have the patience to take every single tiny detail into account and work best when having to sum up situations very quickly.  Short fingered people tend to look at the bigger picture while longer fingered people are more interested in all the details making up that whole picture.

Thumb ring

question clip artQuestion:  My friend has just begun to wear a ring on his thumb and has suggested I get one too.  I don’t like wearing a ring on my thumb because it feels uncomfortable to me.

Answer:  A ring worn on one or more fingers, unless for decoration only, can bolster and add support to the qualities associated with that particular finger.  As the thumb is all about taking control and having the confidence to be the master of one’s own ship, a ring on the thumb can add a sense of confidence and being able to take control.

It is possible that your friend is needing a little extra support right now and perhaps in need of taking some action which he is finding difficult to take.

Holding thumb inside hand

question clip artQuestion:  Recently I noticed someone whose thumbs were hidden inside their palms.  They had folded the thumbs down into their palms and their fingers were closed down over them,  effectively hiding the thumbs from view.

Answer:   The way we hold our thumbs is constantly changing according to our mood and can reveal how we are reacting to events in our lives  in our current environment.  The thumbs represent our ability to take control and push ourselves out into the world so if the thumbs are currently hidden, it suggests that a person is currently feeling unable to take control of his or her life and may believe to be at the mercy of fate.   This sign can reveal a possible lack of faith in oneself and a temporary loss of confidence.




Hand black frameWhile Cheiromancy – also known as chiromancy – is associated with reading the lines in the palms as a means of prediction, Cheirognomy – also known as chirognomy – reflects the idea of analysing and translating other signs and features found in the hands.

Practising cheirognomy involves looking at the texture, colour and consistency of the skin, the shape and outline of the human hand, the length, breadth and overall shape of the fingers and thumbs, the shape and condition of the fingernails, the fingerprints and the patterns found on the fingertips, the mounts in the palms, the flexibility of the hand, thumb and fingers, etc.

Cheirognomy is still very much in use today, practised by modern hand readers, palmists and hand analysts as  a means to learn more about a person’s character, habits and behaviour patterns.


Cheiromancy is the oldest and most traditional form of palmistry and hand reading, originating somewhere in India or China many thousands of years ago.

fortune tellerCheiromancy consists of reading the lines in the palms and translating them in an effort to find information about an individual’s past, present and future life.   It must be remembered that many superstitious beliefs have existed throughout history and palm reading throughout this time has echoed these superstitions almost up to the present century.

Today, although some traditional cheiromancers in various cultures can be found,  the majority of hand readers and hand analysts have dropped the idea of using cheiromancy as a predicting tool, preferring instead to analyse the various features found in the hands as a method for improving the quality of life.



Now is the only time there is

handimage150x100Make the most of everyday,  do your best in every way!   Why?  Because ‘now’ is the only time there is.  There is no time like the present!

‘Now’ is an important moment in your existence so make the most of it!  Don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow is nothing more than a future ‘now’ moment.  There is only ‘now’ and there can only ever be ‘now’.  Live it to the full!